I want to know how to use WMIC to connect to remote host and output their PC’s OS information(Installed programs list) to a file.

I tried

wmic /node: <IP address> OS get vendor, name > c:output.txt

but i got error "Node - <IP> Error: Description = Invalid query"

But Actually, i think i need to be domain administrator for permission.
so i tried

wmic /node: <IP> /domain: <domain.inc> /user:administrator /password:<password> OS get vendor, name > c:output.txt

I got error: Invalid Global switch.

I want to get all of PC’s OS information( installed programs list) by using WMIC. (i think i need to access with domain administrator cause all of PC is joined with domain) and im an administrator

Please…help me ㅠ____ㅠ ah, it seems to be ok when i tried with just my PC.

WMIC /output:C:%computername%.txt product get name, vendor, version

WMIC OS get name, vendor, version >> C:%computername%.txt

if i did like above, it is ok to get txt file. but i want to remote all PC and get an information file…@[email protected]~~~~

one more question>> is it connected with Security policy or Group policy something? or Firewall something………[email protected][email protected];;

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