I have Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard running on a Dell PowerEdge T320. The server is near one month in use as a domain controller. I’ve noticed this warning entry showing in the Application log since I first turned it on, even before I performed any changes:

Installation of the Proof of Purchase from the ACPI table failed. Error code: 0xC004F057

Log Name: Application
Source: Security-SPP
Event ID: 1058
Level: Warning
User: N/A
OpCode: Info
Logged: 9/11/2014 8:42AM
Task Category: None
Keywords: Classic
Computer: (my T320's server & domain name is displayed properly)

The warnings appear a couple of times a day, and they began approximately as soon as starting the server for the first time. Even after patching, renaming the computer, & promoting it to domain controller, the warnings persist etc.

Research online suggests that this is related to Windows Activation. However, I have run the SLMGR (SLMGR/xpr) command on the server, and it shows that Windows Server Standard Edition is permanently activated (as expected.) Looks like I’ll be calling Dell to see if there is something they can do…

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks.

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