First, I’m not a backend person.

I had a running instance of mysql on my ubuntu server. I was able to log in, run some basic queries, everything was fine.

I stopped the service and started futzing around trying to get mysql to boot up in –skip-grant-table mode so I could import an older dump file that would then need to be upgraded. I tried various commands such as mysqld --skip-grant-tables and other all quite likely betraying that I’m not quite sure what I’m doing and the documentation is nearly impossible to locate. I’ve been trying to follow the instructions here.

Read: Highly irritated at this point.

Now I can’t even start the service anymore and I get this series of warnings followed by this series of errors:

017-08-04T07:23:17.065571Z 0 [Warning] Can't create test file /var/lib/mysql/hq-lampsvr.lower-test
2017-08-04T07:23:17.065614Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld (mysqld 5.7.19) starting as process 12175 ...
2017-08-04T07:23:17.068092Z 0 [Warning] Can't create test file /var/lib/mysql/hq-lampsvr.lower-test
2017-08-04T07:23:17.068122Z 0 [Warning] Can't create test file /var/lib/mysql/hq-lampsvr.lower-test
2017-08-04T07:23:17.092298Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: The innodb_system data file 'ibdata1' must be writable
2017-08-04T07:23:17.092320Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: The innodb_system data file 'ibdata1' must be writable
2017-08-04T07:23:17.092325Z 0 [ERROR] InnoDB: Plugin initialization aborted with error Generic error

What am I doing wrong, how can I get mysql to boot up again and does anyone know how to get this “safe mode” mysql type thing to boot up because nothing in the mysql docs is working. Working from clean installs of everything.

Ubuntu: 16.04
Mysql: 5.7.19

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