Just to share my config, i got a PERC H700 (inside a R410 server) with the firmware version 12.3.0-0032 and my 4 new hard drives IronWolf 10 TB are seen as 2 TB drives. After upgrading the firmware to version 12.10.7-0001, they are now fully functionnal and i have create a big RAID 5 array.

According to DELL forums, people reported to have 10TB drives working with Firmware Version 12.10.7-0001.

Anyway there is no such specification because according to DELL, they only support DELL drives. It’s the same for newer 730 and 740 models too. Datasheets don’t talk about drives.

When you try to install drives newer than the controller, always look for controller’s firmware updates before. At least, that’s what I use to do.

I am answering here because I already had some positive experience with PERC H730 with 3TB drives and latest (at that time) firmware, don’t remember the fw version though, in both DELL’s R230 and T130, BTW I googled all this in three minutes.

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