I had a similar issue, and I’m not certain if this will solve you problem, but for me it was due to a new version of python-future which jumped the queue in my path (ahead of the core python configparser) and then ran into issues.

What solved the problem for me was just removing the configparser.py file from that directory, since that wasn’t the configparser that virtualenv is looking for.

To be fair, I think this issue was introduced in a more recent version of future (which is why I had a different error from you) but I imagine that given the path that your traceback is coming from, the issue still stems from it running into a configparser module that virtualenv doesn’t expect to be there.

I’m filing an issue with the python-future folks, but other than that, I don’t really know how to solve this issue other than to eliminate the version of configparser from its position on the path. Unfortunately, that also messes with future’s ability to allow equivalence between import statements in python2 and python3.

Hope this helps!

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