I am helping a small business that won’t buy an actual router or firewall and is using the Arris NVG599 that AT&T provided them.

I have two port forwarding rules that need to be setup, 33891 > 3389 for Comp1 and 33892 > 2289 for Comp2.

I made both service objects and assigned 33891>3389 to Comp1 but when I try to assign 33892>3389 to Comp2 I get the error:

What we are trying to do is allow two remtoe users to RDP into their computers by RDPing to the WAN IP on ports 33891 & 33892.

Pinhole conflict detected XXX

Pinhole conflict detected XXX

Does anyone know if this is something that can be fixed? AT&T support basically said it’s above their head and I would need to pay $100 for their “360” support. I get the feeling that the modem doesn’t allow for the same port to be mapped to two different devices.

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