Basically, they are all the same, in the way they all permit the logging of data from different types of systems in a central repository.

But they are three different project, each project trying to improve the previous one with more reliability and functionalities.

The Syslog project was the very first project. It started in 1980. It is the root project to Syslog protocol. At this time Syslog is a very simple protocol. At the beginning it only supports UDP for transport, so that it does not guarantee the delivery of the messages.

Next came syslog-ng in 1998. It extends basic syslog protocol with new features like:

  • content-based filtering
  • Logging directly into a database
  • TCP for transport
  • TLS encryption

Next came Rsyslog in 2004. It extends syslog protocol with new features like:

  • RELP Protocol support
  • Buffered operation support

Let’s say that today they are three concurrent projects that have grown separately upon versions, but also grown in parallel regarding what the neighbors was doing.

I personally think that today syslog-ng is the reference in most cases, as it is the most mature project offering the main features you may need, in addition to an easy and comprehensive setup and configuration.

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