I regularily mount a shared drive from a Windows 2012R2 server on a Linux machine (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed). Since last Thursday when updates where installed on the Windows server the mount fails with the error message

Aug 26 11:45:27 <linux server> kernel: CIFS: Attempting to mount //<windows server>/<share>
Aug 26 11:45:27 <linux server> kernel: CIFS: Status code returned 0xc000018d STATUS_TRUSTED_RELATIONSHIP_FAILURE
Aug 26 11:45:27 <linux server> kernel: CIFS: VFS: \a-store Send error in SessSetup = -5
Aug 26 11:45:27 <linux server> kernel: CIFS: VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -2

I tried different mount options (vers=2.0, 2.1, 3.0, sec=ntlm, ntlmssp) and different users – all with the same result. The linux server can mount shares from other servers and the shares on the windows server are accessible from (almost all) other computers. I have tried to leave the domain on join it again on both machines – without effect.

Currently I would say one of the updates on the Windows server is the cause of the issue. We have other servers running on 2012R2 which are still working fine and got updates on Thursday as well. The only difference is the language of the operating system (German / English).

Is there a way to get more information on the issue? Documentation on “STATUS_TRUSTED_RELATIONSHIP_FAILURE” is not exactly helpful.

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