Depending of what you’re actually trying to do, another completely different approach could be use curlftps to mount a ftp folder, and then maybe rsync the two “local” folders.

The installation is different depending on your distro so I can’t generalize on that, but you need to installfuse and curlftpfs (prolly Debian already has fuse install by default), then:

  1. sudo apt-get install curlftpfs

  2. Make sure the fuse module is loaded (modprobe fuse)

  3. sudo curlftpfs /path/to/ftp/folder/ -o user=username:password,allow_other

Note that there’s no space after the last comma (it’s not a typo!). If you’re satisfied with that or don’t want to make that every time, you can add it to your fstab (usually in /etc/fstab):

curlftpfs#user:[email protected] /path/to/ftp/folder/ fuse auto,user,uid=1000,allow_other 0 0

In that case, you have to make sure the fuse module is loaded before.

Be advised though, of two things:

  • That the developer dropped the project one or two years ago, so I don’t know how usable/stable for the time being.
  • If the password contains a weird character curlftpfs could fail (maybe you can do something with the .netrc).

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