I am trying to mount a folder workspace from server to the client over NFS. For this I bind the folder to an /export by adding the following in my /etc/fstab on server:

/home   /export none    bind

Then I add the following lines in my /etc/exports on my server:

/export     *(ro,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure,fsid=0) 
/export/workspace   *(rw,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure,nohide) 

I load the exportfs file, and restart the nfs-kernel-server:

# exportfs -vr
# service nfs-kernel-server restart

I now go to my client and check which folders can be exported:

# showmount -e
Export list fo
/export/workspace *
/export           *

But when I try mounting the folder, I get the following error:

$ sudo mount -t nfs4 nfs/ -v
mount.nfs4: timeout set for Sat Apr 19 19:16:51 2014
mount.nfs4: trying text-based options 'addr=,clientaddr='
mount.nfs4: mount(2): No such device
mount.nfs4: No such device

I have also tried mounting /export/workspace and /home/workspace but that gives me the same error. I have tried loading the NFS module using modprobe on both client and server, but the module is loaded on both client and server.

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