I’m an administrator on a Windows 2008 server. When I try to change file permissions on a directory, I get an error:

Error Applying Security

Access is denied.

I am an administrator on the machine, and I made sure nothing has the file(s) locked (with Process Explorer). I even booted another user who had a logged-in Remote Desktop session.

Some of the files it complains about are in a .hg folder, as there is a Mercurial repository in the directory I’m working on.

I noticed that something in the directory is set to read-only so I unchecked that and applied. It looked like it worked, but looking again it’s back to read-only and setting permissions still fails.

There is a site in IIS using a subdirectory of this directory.


I just found this article about this sort of problem. The note at the bottom mentions that if it’s not working, check out LockHunter. It told me that the directory was locked by IIS, so I ran iisreset -stop and tried setting permissions again. Same error. šŸ™

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